The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Comparison Essay

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The secret life of Walter Mitty is a short story by James Thurber with a movie adaptation made in 2013; the movie adaptation is the clear better choice due to a multitude of reasons. First Walter has much better character development. One supporting detail of this is that Walter has a love interest in the movie. This gives the audience an interesting subplot and gives Walter an objective. Walter is in love with his co-worker Cheryl and has frequent daydreams about her and wants her to like him. Also In the movie adaptation Walter has a job at the life office and loses a negative photo. This gives Walter another goal and this goal changes him more throughout the story. The negative makes him more courageous and risky. The Walter in the story is dry and boring. Lastly the movie gives Walter a reason to daydream. In the story Walter just dozed off while in the movie Cheryl triggers these dreams.

The movie was more of a new, fresh reboot of the original story. This is good because the story was more like a …show more content…

The Story has a man daydreaming in his car, while the movie has a man going on a worldwide quest for a negative photo. This intrigues the audiences with a feel for adventure. The movie also Introduces the love interest of Walter, Cheryl. This adds the extra suspense in the movie. This is because the audience doesn't get to know if they get together. In the story Walter doesn't really have a goal, he just drives around and does chores for his wife, this triggers different daydreams from his boredom depending on the location. This causes the ending to be a day dream and makes it lackluster. In the movie the ending is much better as it is a happi r and clearer ending. The movie ends with our main characters walking off to the park, “ you want to go to the park with me?”. This adds a better story telling experience due to the fact the reader isn't confused on what

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