Analysis Of The Fault In Our Stars

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In the film, The Fault in Our Stars, we are introduced to Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenage girl diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She shares her backstory and discusses her cancer diagnosis. Hazel states that it started out as thyroid cancer, but it moved onto her lungs. She explained, “there wasn’t much they could do, but they tried anyway” (Boone, 2014). In the beginning of the film, Hazel and her mother are attending a doctor’s appointment where they are seen meeting with Dr. Maria. At this meeting they are discussing Hazel’s condition and reviewing her plan of care. Additionally, Hazel’s mother is expressing her concerns about her daughters behavior and she feels Hazel is “depressed.” Dr. Maria reviews various medical options to care for Hazel’s feelings of being depressed. She also suggests Hazel attends a local support group of other young people who are living with or surviving cancer.
While attending this support group, Hazel meets Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters, a fellow cancer survivor and potential love interest. At this meeting, you are able to see that medical conditions, like cancer do not discriminate. They impact people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, etc. It is important to understand the connection between communities and health. According to Masi, one’s health can differ as a result of income, race, and ethnicity (Masi, 2012, p. 144). In many countries, they have been able to make a connection between health and wealth.
Although there is not a social worker

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