John Locke Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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John Locke’s Views On LOTF Everything John Locke tried to solve in his government, fail with these boys on an island. Wealth, English, and private school boys would make bad government decisions based off their life. John Locke would not have been surprised by life on the island because, these boys had different views, they also felt their rights being restricted by Ralph, and there was a divide in power in the very beginning. The first problem that occurred on island was trying to find a system that made everyone could work for a common goal. The boys all came together and voted for a chief, Ralph was elected. Ralph then creates a rule that the conch shell which they shall hold when you speak. Later, the boys speaks without the shell …show more content…

People have the right to revolt when the government fails, but the government did not fail. Ralph did his best to protect their rights. By keeping the fire going, and using the shell to speak. Ralph had no better way of protecting them.(“Lord Of The Flies”) Even though the government might seem like a success at the beginning there was a power divide between people. Jack’s choir boys were given the duty to hunt and keep the fire going. These were the two most important jobs, and this gave the power to the hunters. When they let the fire burn out they were not removed from the job or given some type of consequence. This would not surprise John Locke when they left the group and went to hunt the beast. The boys have the right to go against the government and form a new government when that one fails to protect their rights(“We the People”). These boys felt that Ralph was not providing the rights that they needed. On the other hand Jack was. This was a reason to form a new government. The boys wanted fun, food and protection, which was nothing Ralph provided. Ralph’s main goal was to get off the island, where the boys wanted to enjoy their time. (“Lord Of the

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