John Proctor Monologue

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My dearest John, I know you may think that I don’t see goodness in you since the outcasting of Abigail, but I do John. I know I should forgive you. All I know John is that whatever you choose to do, It is a good man doing it. like there’s always has been, John, you. In these long months, I have thought long and hard John. I haven’t been the best wife, especially considering it got to the point where you committed lechery. That doesn’t mean you should take my sin upon yourself, It was a cold house I kept. Whatever you do, let no one be your judge. The only judge you need is the highest judge of all, which be in the heavens. You are the most good man I know John Proctor, forgive me. When I saw you refusing to let them hang your name on the

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