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Johnny Cash, also known as The Man in Black, was a soldier, a country artist, and a beloved christian. Johnny Cash's ability to relate with his audience enabled him to continue making albums and growing in fame. Though Cash is known for his music, he was also known for his love of alcohol and drugs. With the help of his future wife, June Carter, Cash was able to clean up his act and continue pursuing his music career. Johnny Cash struck fame with his christian personality and heartfelt country music; however, as his fame grew, so did his addiction to alcohol and drugs which cost him his marriage and almost his life. Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas in 1932 (“Cash, Johnny”). As a child, Cash grew up listening to his mother sing folk songs and hymns while working in his family's cotton farm, this greatly …show more content…

Robert Hilburn states, “Cash consumed polls the way many people consume popcorn” (Peterson). Due to his older brother's death, Johnny Cash frequently blamed himself for not being there. Cash’s guilt caused him to resort to unhealthy activities (“Johnny Cash”). Cash overdosed so many times that his lead guitarist at the time, Luther Perkins came up with the saying, “Let him sleep for twenty-four hours. If he wakes up, he’s alive. If he doesnt, hes dead” (Peterson). This shows how out of control Johnny Cash’s addiction became. In 1976, Cash was found nearly dead due to a drug binge (Peterson). Cash wrote in his autobiography the story of his runthrough with the police during an incident for carrying drugs and a gun on a plane. Johnny Cash was then taken to county jail, which he eventually posted a bond of $1,500 and was released. While still being married to his first wife, Vivian, she announced that her daughters were being made fun of at school due to Cash’s actions. Johnny Cash then stated for the first time, “I felt real shame”

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