Argumentative Essay On Jfk Assassination

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The 1960’s shattered American and world politics with the assassination of Kennedy. I was lying on the floor in the lounge in Burton Street when the news came across the radio. We were stunned. Kennedy was such a good guy! Why this despicable act? He was the first Catholic President in American history, gunned down in Dallas, Texas on the 22 November 1963. When his brother Robert ran for president in 1968 he too was killed by an assassin’s bullet in a hotel in California. Were the Kennedys doomed? Earlier, civil rights leader Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee by an assassin’s bullet. His famous speech, which still resonates in my mind today, is “I have a dream” Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy while the president was in the …show more content…

He took the presidential oath of office aboard Air Force One as it sat on the runway at Dallas Love Field airport. It wasn’t long after those tragic events that the Beatles appeared on the scene in Liverpool and what a phenomenon that was to be. British bands followed suit and proliferated. I am still a loyal Beatle fan and enjoyed The Kinks, The Hollies, Herman’s Hermits, The Dave Clarke Five, The Animals, The Small Faces, The Who, and some other lesser-known bands such as …show more content…

Through the highs, which came with his fame and unlimited excess, Elvis experienced it all with drugs and sex. By the time he died he was over weight, bloated and a spectacle of the once handsome young man. It was an ending in Graceland to the “King of Rock and Roll”. I was named Brian William. Bernard’s middle name was Vincent. We wore bracelets for identification purposes. My mother seems to think that there was a mix up of the bracelets , so it is possible that I could be Bernard! Our names have a mythological meaning of “strong” both in Celtic and German. Strong in physique we were not! We were small and cute babies. Our star sign was “Sagittarius” for those who interpret the characteristics from the heavenly bodies. An early black and white photograph exists of the twins sitting upright in a double pram all dressed in white jumpers on the front veranda looking up. We were identical twins and inseparable and used to play together as youngsters. Mom used dress us in matching clothes. What are the revived memories about my early years in Cape Town? Scientists say you can remember as far back as three years old but some flashes earlier than this certainly appear to

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