Kennedy Assassination Speech

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The 1960’s shattered American and world politics with the assassination of Kennedy. I was lying on the floor in the lounge in Burton Street when the news came across the radio. We were stunned. Kennedy was such a good guy! Why this despicable act? He was the first Catholic President in American history, gunned down in Dallas, Texas on the 22 November 1963. When his brother Robert ran for president in 1968 he too was killed by an assassin’s bullet in a hotel in California. Were the Kennedys doomed? Earlier, civil rights leader Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee by an assassin’s bullet. His famous speech, which still resonates in my mind today, is “I have a dream” Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy while the president was in the…show more content…
They possessed a Cape patois in their urging. This was supposed to be the “bogeyman.” To Bernard and I, this was a frightening experience. Years later I thought it was not such a good idea on our parents behalf as somehow we lost our inner “strong” from early. There were joyous times playing in granny’s house on the floor under the kitchen table. It was a semi-detached house with a front door leading onto a veranda. Inside a long passage led straight into the kitchen, which looked out onto a small cement backyard. Leading off either side of the passage were the bedrooms. We had a kind and gentle granny, who was affectionate towards the twins. Granny’s house had a wired wood shed at the back where we used to hide ourselves and play on a heap of timber. We were carefree and toyless in those days and never ended up with a broken bone in our bodies. Occasionally mom used to escort us down to the local shops. Once we passed a house that was playing loud music emanating from an open front door. I never forgot that catchy tune” How much is that doggie in the window” by the American singer Patti Page which made us a puppy. The original song had dogs barking in the number, which sounded all the more appealing. I can still hear those lyrics in my mind and hum the tune. Our pleadings with mom for a puppy fell on deaf ears. Mom was inexorable as she was fully preoccupied with a baby when Victor was

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