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The text “Joyas Voladoras” by Brian Doyle informs readers about the hummingbirds incredible characteristics, the blue whale mystery, the chambers a heart has, and the emotions of our hearts. One thing to notice is that emotions don’t actually come from our hearts;they come from our brains. The message of this text is to not stop living, and close our hearts because of the things that may attack it.

As humans live, they all experience pain that takes them down. However, they sooner or later step back up to the plate for their run, and hit the biggest home run in their life. Running away from the cost of living will only lead to people running into a much larger fee. Who will help us through hard times if we build a wall on the way there? Nobody. Like a strong being, we need to acquire the happiness in the pool of gloom.“We all churn inside.”(pg.32 l.96). This short sentence portrays a very important and true statement about the life on Earth. This quote means that no matter who you are, or what you are, there is going to be pain in life. Human experience it, but so does all animals with different amount of heart chambers. If we cannot avoid the pain, then we need to overcome the pain

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It’s like a soft song with calming instruments humming in your ears. At one point, even those songs can touch your heart and fill it with your most feared thought. You need to fight it to live. If you want to find true happiness in life, you have to first open your heart and come back up during pain. That is the hardest part that most people do wrong. After thinking it would be easy, they get scars and shut their windows to face the darkness, which is not coming back at the pain. No pleasure can come when you yourself can’t trust yourself. Take challenges, and box your way out of the multiple sets of mazes ahead of you, because there will be one of your many happinesses at the end of each

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