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A running record is a method of assessing a student’s reading performance as the student reads a section to the teacher. A running record consists of the student reading from a benchmark book which is a specific book that is used for assessment to complete running records. The teacher can also assess the student by using a regular book instead of a benchmark book. The purpose of using a running record is to help the teacher obtain information about the students’ reading strategies. The running record also tells us if the student is able to correct themselves, their accuracy rate, and their error rate while reading the passage. Running records are also helpful to notice progress in the students reading. This assessment also helps …show more content…

Julia Ayad is a second grade student who attends P.S.36. Julia has been my next door neighbor for about three years now. I told Julia that I will be assessing her reading performance and she replied by telling me that her teacher has assessed her reading performance in the same manner that I did. The teacher told her that her reading performance has improved. Julia explained to me that her reading level is L. Based on Julia’s reading level, Julia was asked to read Dog Stories by Donna Lathom. I choose this book because it is a benchmark book. Benchmark books are already leveled and are used for running record purposes. In chapter 3 of Literacy For The 21st Century, Tompkins states, “Fountas and Pinnel developed a text gradient, or classification system that arranges books along a 26-level continuum from easiest to hardest, to match students to books in grade K-8” (Tompkins, 2009). This classification system helped me easily pick out a book for my student since the book I chose was a Fountas and Pinnel benchmark book. My student was only asked to read up to page five. Before reading a few passages from this book, I asked Julia if she has read this story before. I did not want to use a book she was already familiar with since this would not give me an accurate measure of her reading performance. Julia informed me that she has not read this book before so I proceeded. Julia’s reading was assessed by using a running …show more content…

Self-monitoring is when the student knows if they make sense while they are reading. Self-monitoring is when the student is self-questioning themselves as they are trying to figure out what they are having difficulty with. By watching Julia read, I realized that she doesn’t read the whole word and makes a quick assumption of what she thinks the word might be. By self-monitoring, this would give the student the opportunity to try to figure out the word or phrase that she doesn’t understand. In the article Self-Monitoring Strategies When Reading, Wilde states that when a child is reading they should ask themselves “Does this word look right, sound right, and make sense?”(Wilde,2011). I believe this is a good intervention to help the student because this would give the student a chance to think about if the word or phrase makes sense. The student can also re-read the sentence or paragraph again to help her try to figure out what she is having trouble with. Another strategy Julia can use is that she can try and predict what the word means by using background knowledge. There might be a connection that can help her try to figure out what the word is. Julia did not try to self-correct herself at all so I believe this will be a good strategy to help her question herself to see if she was

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