Running Record Case Study

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1. He’s heard that he should complete running records with his students. How does he conduct the running records? What information will he gather from them? a. To conduct a running record: Adrian will need to select a passage that is around one hundred to two hundred words long. He should allow the student to read the passage a few times before conduction the assessment. He should either be able to see the passage or have his own copies, and then as the child reads, he needs to keep a record of the words the student reads correctly and the errors that the student makes. b. Information: The first thing Adrian will be to decide is if based on the accuracy, if the passage was appropriate for this student. This will tell if the text is independent, …show more content…

What other kinds of assessment measures will yield valuable information about his students? (This will depend on the “grade” you choose for Adrian.) a. If Adrian is teaching second grade, he could examine the students AR test scores, and then he will be able to look at how the students score on their AR tests. This will lead to him testing his student’s fluency. If his students are not able to read fluently, then they will have to focus on sounding out the words instead of comprehending what the text is saying. So this will show why the students either scored high or not. b. Another test Adrian could administer is: The Early Names Test. This test shows how well his students are able to decode grapheme-phoneme patterns in single-syllable words. This will allow him to see how well the students are able to decode and whether or not that will affect their reading ability. c. Adrian can also test their sight word recognition to see how far along each of his students are with their sight words. This test will let him see how much progress each of his students have made, and which words they still need to work on. 3. How should Adrian determine which children should be placed together in guided reading groups? Is there more than one way to group the

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