Describe Your Disciple Philosophy

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1. In our school, we do have some students who are identified as having behavior disorders. It is important that our teachers are qualified and understand how to interact with our students when stress occurs. Describe your disciple philosophy?

2. We use running records in our classrooms to perform benchmarking and progress monitoring of our students. What would a guided reading block look like in your classroom?

3. Second grade is self-contained so you will be responsible for making sure you teach all the standards to your students. How would you incorporate the standards into your daily lesson?

4. Describe how you plan to implement technology into your classroom and daily lessons effectively.

5. How do you make sure you are meeting the needs of your students with IEP’s?

6. Our teams meet weekly for PLC’s. How will you contribute to our professional learning committees?

7. Parent involvement is a very important. What types of …show more content…

As you are aware this job does not have a regular 8-5 schedule, do you have any commitments that would interfere with regular attendance on the job?

2. Do you feel you area able perform the duties that are expected of a school custodian and what accommodations if any would you need to perform them?

3. Can you tell us about your experience in the custodial field or similar work experience?

4. How would you handle a situation where you were asked to perform a duty that is not listed as one of your job responsibilities?

5. Do you enjoy working with children?

6. As part of your job you will be need to interact with students daily. How would you respond if you saw a child not following the procedures correctly in the lunch room?

7. Describe what you feel your responsibilities should be when providing custodial services for a classroom.

8. What do you feel would separate you from other applicants for this position?

9. Describe what you envision your role at our school looks

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