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For Ish-el, I focused mainly on his notetaking strategies. Since the unit was focusing on their skills in that area I felt it fitting to perform checklists over their skills as well. Ish-el is my gifted student, he is very bright and does not struggle hardly at all in all areas of the classroom. Ish-el’s work samples show his work in the Archeological dig center. He clearly worked well with his group members to find every item that was hidden in the dirt. After finding each item Ish-el then would sketch the items into his notebook and would then write a brief summary of what the thought the items were used for. I praised Ish-el in his feedback on his checklist for writing what he thought the items were used for. That shows that he is really thinking about the time period and thinking like a Native American would with those items. …show more content…

I wrote in my feedback that I could clearly tell that he was trying to use a box and bullet style to his notes in the remainder of his notebook. Each day he labeled his work and would then bullet his information underneath, which is a strong indicator of the use of a box and bullet strategy in our classroom. He also tries to use words from our vocabulary list in his daily notes. He will write what he thinks the word means then go back and either correct himself or write that he was correct in his thought process. I observed him doing this with the word “clan,” he wrote that he thought is meant a big family. After some research and finding out that he was correct he later went back and wrote “I was right it does mean a big family. “ His language and literacy development is growing more and more every day and strengthening with every day of

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