Makayla Is What It Means To Say Essay In 150 Words

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Makayla is a use first sequence, which can be very beneficial as long as it’s not hindering her life or work. After reading her story it looks like she’s not using all of her patterns and gets stuck on one, she needs to take some risks and think outside the box to get stuff done. I don’t know exactly what her confluence score is but it looks like it’s a low one since she’s not using it, she needs to be using it as needed to help her with her school and life.

John is a use first precise and I think he needs to use it as needed. I think he needs some sequence in his life to set up a beginning middle and end when writing to his family and to make sure their able to understand him. I had the same issue when writing to my family, because I got used to using military words that I forgot who I was talking and assumed they knew the words as well.
Paul is someone like me, a use first technical. We both enjoy taking things apart, and I used to hate writing. I’m not going to say that I enjoy it, but now I feel like I’m a lot better. Paul needs to use precise and sequence to help him express himself better in writing. By having a plan, paying attention to detail and being able to write it in paper will help him with school.
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I tend to look for what I need when reading, which means I skip a lot of important information that later on I have to go back and look for. This also impacts my vocabulary and when writing I tend to get stuck when writing because I can find the words to express myself. For writing I need to take notes and brainstorm. I tend to just write straight the point and when I’m done I would always be short from the minimum word count. By having a plan, which involves taking notes and having a sequence of events on what I will be writing, it help me emphasize on the sections for a longer period and be able to write deeper
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