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HES Book Reflection The book Ender’s Game written by Orson Scott Card was first published 1985 and is a science fiction novel, which won both Hugo and Nebula awards. The book that I read was 324 pages long, published by Tom Doherty Associates, and copyrighted by Orson Scott Card on 1977. The book begins by introducing Ender, his relations to his siblings, and the way the military monitors them. The military is attempting to find another hero who can help defeat the aliens called buggers, who had only been defeated by pure luck the first time. Ender the technological monitor in the back of his neck taken out, but the military is still watching, and sees him beat a bully badly. The colonel comes to ask him to go to military school, and he agrees, …show more content…

Most of these topics are revolve around astronomy, which makes sense considering that this book almost entirely takes place in outer space. One of the most thoroughly explored topics within this book was zero gravity, also known as null gravity. The first time Ender is in null gravity, he breaks a bully’s arm by mistake when attempting to defend himself. In the book, this is explained as, “He hadn’t realized that null gravity magnified the effects of even a child’s movements.” (Card, 3rd) Along with that, in the special battlerooms, many interesting concepts of null gravity are also explored, such as: having to calculate the angles at which objects will bounce off the walls, or being able have an object rotate around another at high speeds if the two objects are connected to each other by rope and the large object is stationary. When a group of older boys are attacking Ender friends, it is also mentioned that when anyone attempted to throw a punch, they would just fly backwards, making it extremely ineffective. This effect is the Newton’s third law, and has a huge effect in outer space, since gravity and friction don’t stop the reverse effect of many actions. Another aspect of astronomy that is mentioned is the fact that when flying a spaceship, it takes much more fuel to travel upwards under the effect of gravity, while it takes less fuel to travel downwards. This is often a serious problem for spaceships, as it takes too much fuel to exist the atmosphere, but when reentering the atmosphere, the astronauts may end up going to fast and burning because of friction. Of course,since this book is science fiction, there are also interesting ideas for technology in the space, that have been mentioned before, and may or may not ever work. One of the concepts is that the ship that the boys are on for battleschool is constantly spinning, which causes the illusion of gravity, and causing the

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