Reading Interest Inventory Assessment Reflection

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Assessment Reflection
When administrating the Reading Interest Inventory (Mariotti, n.d.), the Motivations to Read Profile Survey and asking the Conversational Survey Questions (Pitcher, et al., 2007), it gave insight to how Hailey felt about herself as a learner. The questions that stood out in my mind, is how I can help Hailey to be more success in the classroom as well as become a stronger reader overtime? I would like to look more in depth in Hailey’s comprehension skills and provide her educational strategies that will help Hailey to grow in her reading comprehension and give her some tools to help herself when she is having trouble. I am interested to see how Hailey reads orally, and to check her reading accuracy and fluency. Are these areas that are impacting Hailey as a learner as well? Is her oral reading and fluency areas that are impacting her ability to comprehend a text? Is she stopping to attack an unknown word and having a tough time remember what she just read? Does she understand new vocabulary words and the context around the words?
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When looking at her school work and from the information that was previously gathered from sessions with Hailey, it was important to assess her as an oral reader, silent reader, writer, word solver, problem solver, and her comprehension. Using a variety of assessments and taking the new information and planning to help Hailey be more successful was important. Also, looking at how Hailey performs across academic areas was another clue to help her be a better student. To have a better picture of Hailey, she brought her academic folders with her to review some of her class work and writing responses, almost like a work portfolio. Hailey made it clear that Science and Math can be more difficult for her than other

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