Research: Validity And Applicability Of The RASH Test

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1. Tentative title of the proposed research:

Readiness Assessment for Senior High School (RASH) Test: Validity and Applicability of RASH

2. Using extant theoretical and empirical literature, present succinctly a logical argument leading to the rationale for your research question or objective (maximum of 5 paragraphs):

Generally, assessment is an essential part of instruction and learning, as it ascertains whether or not learning objectives are being targeted and reached. Assessment plays an important role in decisions about grades, advancement, placement, curriculum revision and instructional modification. Today, the term assessment includes a broad array of evaluative procedures that yield information about a person (Hunsley, …show more content…

Evidence of RASH’s construct validation will be sought using the contrast-groups approach. Purposive samples of 60 persons (with per identified ability) and 60 persons for each of their contrast groups will be invited to participate in the study. The study proposes to determine whether there is are significant differences in the test performance of the contrast groups on the abilities that were being measured in RASH, thereby providing evidence on the construct validity of the test. Only the specific RASH test scale that measures a specific construct or ability will be the part of the RASH test that will be administered to the target contrast groups’ participants. Directional tests of significance using t-test statistics will be used.
Research Question: Is there a significant difference between the test performances of the contrast-groups based on the abilities included in the RASH Test?

a. Does the clerical group perform better on the RASH Clerical Ability and Clerical Aptitude Scales than the non-clerical group?
(Clerical Job Workers vs Non-Clerical Job Workers)

b. Does the verbal/non-verbal group perform better on the RASH Verbal Ability Scale than their contrast group?
(Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses etc. vs Workers from Non-Helping

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