Early Head Start Chapter 1 Summary

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What did you know prior to reading the information presented within the chapter? (Please be specific) In Chapter 1, I had prior knowledge of the Federal Laws that require inclusion for students with disabilities. The law states every child is entitled to a free public education. Also from chapter 1, I am well aware of the purpose of Early Head Start and Head Start program. These programs were implemented to improved academic performance for children that come from low-income families. In Chapter 2, though knowledge is limited on how to apply the many different types of assessments for the young and very young, I am aware that assessments are used to measure growth in children and when applicable getting children the services that would need to achieve academic success. The one assessment that I am fully of aware is the Rubrics, being that they are used on all students at any level of education. I am familiar with …show more content…

What did you learn from the information presented within the chapter? (Please be specific) From Chapter 1, I understand how some policies and laws in regard to education can be harmful to the student and stressful to the teacher. Though with good intention to improve that quality of education in America with teacher accountability with being link to standardized testing scores and government funding for education, this has left the educational system at its weakest because every student is require to take state mandate test. However, not all students learn the same and inclusion allows students with disabilities (no matter the type) to be included in the classroom. Chapter 2 newly incorporated knowledge provides me with the understanding of how the many and different types of assessment are used and who they apply to. Assessments are a teacher’s tool that builds a profile on student’s growth and are the “tell-tell” detectors that provide the with teacher information on a student who may need additional services in and beyond the

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