Common Core Pros And Cons

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In a country that is always trying to fix its education system and always failing, the United States introduced another idea that is now called the Common Core. Common Core is a standard that details what a student in grades K-12 should know that school year.46 states initially had accepted these standards. Despite it being accepted recently, Common Core has been around since 2007 when it was first brought up during a meeting. Don’t be fooled though just because it was accepted by 46 states didn’t necessarily mean that it would be kept by those states. Rightfully so since then at least 13 states have asked to have these standards repealed and Indiana has withdrawn from the standard completely. Common Core is bad for schools and should be …show more content…

This is equivalent to the President signing a bill that hasn’t gone through either the houses of congress giving their consensus on it. Common Core needs to have trial tests for each state so that they can see if this is really what they want for their people, but instead states nosedive straight into it without knowing anything regarding Common Core. It has the idea that each student has to think alike latched onto its name ‘Common’ everyone has to think the same in order for it to work.Not all people are on board with the idea that everyone will think the same Conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck and his followers, meanwhile, also believe Common Core is a back-door means for the government to spy on citizens and indoctrinate children in what Beck called “an extreme liberal ideology.” but not all students think the same which can’t work in a system like this one. A principal in the Mid-West told a blogger, Diane Ravitch, that “his school piloted the Common Core assessments and the failure rate rocketed upwards, especially among the students with the highest needs. He said the exams looked like AP exams and were beyond the reach of many students.” the point of this teaching style was so that the gap in results between the children who have and don’t have good education opportunities would shrink but if this trend continues it is only a matter of time before most students fail their classes all because of the new standard that has been

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