Common Core Standards Dbqs

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What was revealed by analysis showing a progression through time with CCSS?

Both America’s political left and right vigorously tout their solution is the only one and education is a hotbed because it is an easy target. Evidence: Activists and politicos try and harness the debate from any angle that would put their point of view ahead of their rival. Common Core in the mainstream right media is portrayed as an evil creation by the left. Generally it has nothing to do with the standards themselves, but is likely to be any additional hot point that can be born under the name Common Core (Simon). Explanation: This important because the backers of CCSS believe if that the general public could understand exactly what the standards are, there might be more support for them. Only seventeen percent of Americans who supported Common Core and the remainder was either confused or thought it was an umbrella for many topics other than education (Simon) This all connects back to my argument that the debate has spun out of control fueled by both sides, with the public stuck in the middle trying to grasp some understanding of CCSS.

Analysis to compare of what is driving the resistance
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“A basic Common Core idea is that the standards are supposed to emphasize depth over breadth, ensure students really master concepts, and build on previous learning (“scaffolding” is the term some educators prefer) (Paulson).” In other words, content is not taught by the “mile wide and an inch deep” idiom that represents what has been employed in the past. Instead, students are given more time to learn content specific objectives which provide a more solid foundation for future

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