Should Common Core Standards Be More Common

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Why Common Core Standards Should Be More Common Why would students not want to be on a level playing field in their education? Why would they not want to be able to move seamlessly between states? These opportunities are given to students by Common Core. Although many opponents may say that these standards are a barrier of creativity, the Common Core Standards being accepted in all fifty states would help America, because it would have teachers across state borders instructing similar lesson plans, it would decrease the achievement gap, and it would better prepare students for college and the workforce by teaching them the needed materials for their futures.
The Common Core being accepted in all fifty states would be helpful, because all schools would be teaching similar lesson plans. This is important to students whose …show more content…

The achievement gap is the difference in education between schools due to financial and cultural backgrounds (“Educational Standards”). With common standards, all students will be taught the same material during the school year, so none of the low income schools will fall behind due to lack of resources or problems of the sort. Along with having balanced educations between schools, supporters of Common Core also contend that imposing these standards help experts define which approaches are the most proficient in teaching students, because there would be certain statistics to prove which methods work best (“Educational Standards”). Not only will students be getting an equal education to other schools, but also the best education possible. Opponents might say that the achievement gap will get wider when introduced to standards, because it has been getting increasingly bigger in the past (Koh, Tsin Yen). When in fact, the gap will have no option but to come to a close due to the opportunities of equal education that the Common Core

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