Obama Care Impact

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America is not the country it use to be, no more are the days of simplicity. In recent years, Obama has changed many different aspects of this country. In fact, Obama has had an impact on health care, education, and war in both negative and positive ways.
On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, into law. This act led to changes within hospitals and workplaces across the nation. One change is the way hospitals are run. According to Roper, "That means hospitals are focusing on what happens after a patient is released-- are they getting follow-up care, seeing their primary physician, taking necessary medications? And hospital care is being even more closely documented" (2). Because …show more content…

Nevertheless, schools are facing hard times and taking the loss right where it hurts, the pocketbook. Many states signed up for the new curriculum within only two months, which was not nearly long enough to make sure that the new learning standard was fit for them. By signing up, these states agreed to buy tests and upgrade their technology to administer the tests. All of this added up to thirty dollars per student, more than what half the states can afford. “Common Core Causes Collateral Damage” reveals, “Just last month, Maryland announced it would need $100 million to get schools up to speed to administer the tests”(McShane, 2). If schools are having to spend all their money on tests and technology, that will mean cutbacks in other places. This could affect their ability to provide for textbooks, school programs, equipment, and other objects needed for daily school life.
When Barack Obama first became the president of the United States, he was focused on ending the war on terrorism. Obama wanted to make his counterterrorism policies less aggressive than George W. Bush’s approach to the matter. While this idea was a good one, Obama’s tactics were based on idealism and wishful thinking. This too passive approach has led to the hindrance of combatting terrorism, and the people of America are being faced with more terrorism rather than …show more content…

It is not hard to see where Obama stands since the drones are unmanned, which means less American casualties. Not to mention, the drones’ accuracy leaves nothing to be desired. However, the drones are still not perfect. Their targeting depends on the intelligence available to the pilot, and it is impossible to fully avoid civilian casualties. As a result, civilians being killed means a raise in contempt for the United States. A rising contempt for America makes it easier for terrorists to find new recruits to use against American armies. In fact, Stern says, “The use of drones to target suspected al Qaeda operatives in Yemen has been correlated with a rapid growth in membership in the group’s Yemen-based affiliate” (“Obama And Terrorism”, 3). The use of drones mainly end with a continuous circle of death and

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