The Credibility Of Drones

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Drones have killed over a total of 467 civilians in the past two years. All of these deaths were caused by a drone dysfunction. None of these accidents have ever received an apology from the drone operator or the president themselves. Drones are armed aircrafts used to protect the country. The fact is that Drones are not good at protecting the people inside this territory.

Pilots for both helicopters and airplanes need to be cautious while flying. A familiar airplane company called Jetblue has seen a total of 1000 drone sightings that were either close to hitting the aircraft or a few meters away from them. Helicopter which tend to fly in lower altitudes are in a precarious state. A pilot flying a helicopter was about to get hit with a drone. The pilot had to swerve out of the way and needed medical attention rapidly. Pilots who fly these aircrafts have enough trouble with the amount of drones that are being operated. Even so, the drone operators want to increase the drone’s population to one million. …show more content…

This action goes against the human rights. Some even reported of drones entering their houses. The law states, “Under international human rights law, the targeted individual must pose an imminent threat that only lethal force can prevent. Simply being suspected of some connection to a "militant" organization — or, under the CIA 's policy of "signature" drone strikes, fitting the profile of a terrorist in an area where terrorists are known to operate – is not legally sufficient to make someone a permissible target for killing”. Drones have been violating this law. Some started some riots because of this

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