Persuasive Essay On The Fourth Amendment Rights

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Since its initiation, we only know about one instance in which the NSA stopped has stopped an act of terrorism. That’s not to say that it has only stopped one terrorist organization but this is the only on we know about, but for the amount of money (exact amount is classified, but is estimated to be about $10 billion a year) that is being spent on the NSA more should have been done by now. For example, many school shooters have posted on social media either pictures of themselves armed to the teeth or actual threats against their school. The NSA is supposed to monitor social media, phone records, etc. so why aren’t they catching these school shooters? Couldn’t they be considered terrorists just as much as the people the NSA have caught already? …show more content…

Most people have the standpoint that because it doesn’t affect them, they shouldn’t really bother with doing anything about it. However, doesn’t the NSA breach our Fourth Amendment rights? The Fourth Amendment guarantees, "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated," but doesn’t mass phone data collection violate that? Legally to search someone you need a warrant but the NSA completely bypasses that. But there is also the problem that if the NSA become completely transparent, the terrorist and other people the NSA is trying to catch, will have more knowledge as how to not get caught, which would just make the NSA ineffective. Basically the people have to decide whether they want a government that catches terrorists or one that always protects their freedoms. Most parts of the world would rather have a government that catches terrorists and keeps them safe, but unlike these countries, America (excuse my American exceptionalism) has an amendment for their constitution that bans unreasonable search and seizures. The NSA is in a difficult position because it must weigh how transparent they can be to appease the population with how much secrecy they need to function

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