Head Start Essay

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Head Start programs bring and excellent pattern to close the gaps between children from social-economic differences from those of low social-economic background. Familiarizing children with academic skills in indispensable for most children, the average children needs practice to understand and apply what they learn, for this reason Head Start contributes greatly with young learners. In both articles, research has found advances in children learning, but under the national standers testing does not reveal the expected improvement. Children who are read before Head Start are able to recognize symbols as numbers and letters, furthermore they are able to develop reading and mathematical skills during kindergarten. In personal experience, with my oldest daughter we used to read to her five times a week, my wife has been a Montessori methodology teacher for over 27 years and a regular teacher for 24 years when my oldest daughter was in Head Start (Casa de Ninos) she had a vocabulary over 300 words according to the test apply …show more content…

Children at the end of the programs show poor levels of achievement after the basic knowledge of the national stander testing, without taking into account the improvement of children in the social and intellectual maturity. If we analyze for a moment that determination of a national program taken from a test, our consideration could leave a hole in the study of the universe whether including or not how far it reaches the whole program of Head Start. An example: can be interesting point is the behavior of children at the beginning of the program who showed high levels of aggressiveness and shyness, and at the end of the program their behavior improved socially, participative, and cooperative, these will help the cognitive development at the end o

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