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People shouldn’t have to spend $200 or more per week for child care. Taxes should be spent to keep daycares up and running during the day. some families can’t afford extra things like having to pay someone to watch their child but, they work so would need someone to watch the children until they get home. Daycare’s should be funded by the government, It’s important that kids go to daycare because they are getting the materials they need to go off to real school in daycare.
People shouldn't have to spend more money out of their pockets for childcare. I feel like it takes away from the home and doesn’t serves as a good purpose. The government should pay the employers and employees for the services they are giving out to people. “Enrolling in an educational daycare will also prepare young minds for school so that they have a better idea of what is expected of them and how they should be behaving around others. Without government funding many families simply cannot afford to have their children properly watched while they are at work.”Two hundred plus dollars a week out of someone's pockets are very steep and costly. Most people today think that …show more content…

They should use the money they get from people to support the daycares or families that are low income families. “The idea of government support is, or should be, to assist working citizens. Low income parents should get help with child care. Being able to work should be the goal and it encourages people to support and better themselves rather than depend on the government as much. If assistance is given with child care it may reduce the amount of other services provided.”Most people cannot afford to pay for someone to watch their child for eight to nine hours a day if not more. There are a lot of very wealthy people in america, the government should raise taxes for them so they can pay more so they can stop looking for the middle and lower class people to pay such high

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