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Millions of people all over the world suffer from poverty. Americans usually think of third world countries when thinking of poverty, often one will not realize that it is a problem right here at home. Everyone will agree that poverty is a problem, but how exactly does poverty affect people? Most people will think of an old beggar on the side of the road with a sign and a tin can in their hand when they think of poor people. But the age group that is most affected by poverty in our nation is our children. According to Feeding America, 15.5 million children under the age of eighteen are living in poverty. That’s 21.1 percent of kids, making it the highest compared to all other age groups. In fact, only Mexico, Chile, and Turkey have a higher…show more content…
Basic cognitive and social skills will both be improved through higher quality care. When a child is able to perform well in school at an early age, it increases their chances of staying successful throughout their lives as a student. Researchers at the Institute for Research on Poverty concluded, “Children who attend higher-quality child care settings display better cognitive, language, and social competencies on standardized tests.” The Cost, Quality, and Outcomes in Child Care Centers Study, which began in 1993, was a study over time of children in four states, it was designed to test if child care affects a child’s readiness for school. The study population was limited to children in families that had elected center-based care and did not include personal child care facilities that people provide from their own homes. The study found that, children in center-based care tend to perform better in mathematics, language, and social skills in early elementary…show more content…
A National Academies report found that, The quality of child care is likely to have important consequences for the development of children during the early years and middle childhood, and that because of the amount of time children spend in child care, child care provides an important opportunity to promote children’s healthy development and overall wellbeing. The report also noted that in comparison to their higher income peers, children of low-income families appear more likely to receive poor-quality child care and less likely to receive excellent quality child care, especially in the early years (Blau

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