Medicare Corrupts Government Spending

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Hello, in this white paper I am going to tell you why we need to cut government spending. First, let me show you this chart for total government spending. Most of your tax dollars are spent on programs that don’t work and give money to fraudsters. I will first start by explaining why Medicare does not work and gives money to fraudsters. Medicare wastes government money because it is a corrupt system and is overly bureaucratic. Here is a short clip of an article from the Washington Post which exposes how medicare is corrupt and is an easy target for fraud. …in a Los Angeles courtroom, Bonilla described the workings of a peculiar fraud scheme that — starting in the mid-1990s — became one of the great success stories in American crime. The…show more content…
Farid was an Oncologist working in Rochester Michigan. He ran a popular oncology center and it was known to be one of the best in the Detroit Metro area. One day while Farid was on vacation. A woman who had been diagnosed for a lifetime of chemotherapy by him broke her leg in two places. One of the doctors there Dr. Soe Maunglay saw that her reading was normal. He went to the FBI and reported Farid 's fraud. Farid plead guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud. Farid made more than 17 million dollars in total. Farid has been considered a bigger fraudster than Bernard…show more content…
I am not saying we should get rid of food stamps. We should require able-bodied people without any dependents to work for Food Stamps. When this happened in Maine and Kansas the number of spending and people jurassicly decreased. Food Stamps is just another system that people can use to get something for free by scamming the system. This reform in food stamps would 1: Lower the spending on Food Stamps. 2: Make less people unemployed. In Kansas, they were spending 5.5 million dollars on Food Stamps. Now they are spending 1.2 million dollars. This reform in food stamps would get people off the streets and working. It would save millions of dollars. Also, there needs to be a major education reform budgetwise. Public schools should be abolished and the government should just give people a certain amount of money and they can choose which school to use it on. Education should be left to the private sector because they do it best. Taxpayers who pay to go to private schools should not have to pay for public

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