Persuasive Essay On Welfare Reform

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I am here to renounce the old Welfare reform laws. The way that the system is set up now makes it nearly impossible for a person who are in need of such benefits due to the coined term the “Welfare Queen”. Stigmas such as this makes it harder for people that actually need the help to seek it in fear of being labeled. This new reform will change the federal poverty level guideline being that the cost of living has changed since the federal guidelines were written in the mid-1990s. This new reform will get rid of the current five year cap that is in place now stating that if you have a child while you are on welfare within your 18 months of service you will not be permitted to add any additional children. As well as once the 18 months are up you will have to wait 5 years before you can reapply. Being that many people cannot control their circumstances we are here to help you along in your struggle.…show more content…
According to Nelson, “The most common was separation and divorce accounting to 62 percent of the mother becoming single” (Nelson, 166). Due to the feminization of poverty which means poverty being concentrated among women and coined by Diane Pearce. This is a reaction to not having enough support to maintain a family as a woman. Making it nearly impossible for a woman to keep a job because she would either have to wait until her child is of age to attend school in which she does not have to pay for and she has to find a job that will allow her to work while her children are away at school. Being that the cost of childcare is at an all-time high. If the woman does work more than half of her check is going towards child care. Creating an unlivable
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