Ravitch's Influence On Education

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Journal Entry Eight 2 In the beginning of Chapter One, one can see that the author is overlooking her entire educational carrier. In this first page you realize that Ravitch is unpacking all of her past memories in a classroom. The author was looking over how her own perspective changed throughout the years of being in a reformed classroom. Ravitch changed views entirely and was not necessarily for the good. I found it extremely intriguing on how much one can change over a period of time. The author described herself as outgoing and hopeful before being in a school. Now, Ravitch has doubts about the wonderful ideas of teaching she once had thought were great. The author continued to keep changing her mind about what she thought was right and wrong. Ravitch finally came to the conclusion that it was okay for herself to think of numerous opinions. She makes us think of, “if someone never over thought their opinions and made an error in judgment about a situation, how would we really know it is right”? Ravitch says something will always be changing that is why we half to continue to question ourselves. Ravitch has strong beliefs on the way to make our American …show more content…

Ratvitch talks a lot about testing in the educational system and how it affects everyone in our country. I thought it was very interesting to learn that Ratvitch truly believes that tests should strictly follow our curriculum than determine what is being taught. I have always been intrigued of what makes a test accountable
Journal Entry Eight 3 and I am learning from reading this chapter that we cannot always trust what is stated on the exam given. That is where George W Bush’s Law came into effect, “The no Child Left Behind”, law. This would give students all a chance to pass. These two chapters have been definitely written in a different way than the way Loewen wrote to his readers. I am intrigued to further read into Ratvitch’s

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