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Kathy Latta 308 Drawyers Drive
Middletown, Delaware
Dear Kathy Latta, This week at Saint Ignace Area Schools the seventh grade completed the language arts M-STEP test. I have many things to tell you about this test, If you would like to know my opinions about this test then read on! One thing that was on the M-STEP was a few extremely long passages. I don’t like this feature in the M-STEP because by time you read one of the long passages your eyes hurt and you feel tired. If just by reading one passage gets you tired then how are you suppose to read so many of them? This should be fixed. You can fix this problem by either making the passages shorter, or you can make the passages more interesting to student readers. I don’t think the kids would be as tired and bored with the M-STEP if the passages they had to read were more interesting to them. …show more content…

I think that this is a good idea because it will give your eyes a break and test the kids listening ability! It will test the kids ability to pay attention while listening to a person read to them. You should definitely put more of these in the M-STEP testing. One last feature about the M-STEP is the typing at the end of the test. I like this feature! I like this feature because I love typing and I can type about just about anything! I think that you should put more of these in the MS-STEP, but do not make it so you have to type three paragraphs! Three paragraphs is a lot to type on a very boring topic. I like the typing part if you keep it short and

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