Unit 4 M2 Research Paper

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M2 - Explain the fundamental principles which have been applied to the designs I have created an interactive HCI which has a lot of colours, I have made sure the colours used don’t clash and that they are easy on the eye for everyone, so the black writing on the blue background can be read easily without any Struggle. The buttons down the left hand side of the page are perceived as being together because they are all the same size, they all rectangle shaped and the text is all the same size apart from the language changer as the text is too big for the box size. The right hand size is not perceived as that’s just for a logo and title section that’s why they are different sizes to the buttons. The logo is featured on every page on the right …show more content…

Have the interface this way make the user more comfortable when using the interface as they know that every day will be the same and nothing will change or become confusing. I have used rectangles around my main areas where information is displayed to get the user to know that a part of the interface is important, and that these are the areas they need to use and read. I have used a little of Gestalt law when it comes to the social networking box, as the box is not complete, but us as humans thinks it is, we will complete the image, and with this effect it will grab peoples attentions and make them use the social networking section on the page. My interface has many features which help the disabled, for example I have added a colour pallet at the top of the page so they can change the colour of the page if they can’t read it the way it is, with this I have added a text pallet to make the text bigger on the screen for users that find it hard to read the text already on there. And there is also a language changer page for the users to users that can’t understand English and need to translate words to their

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