Julie Andrews Timeline

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Chronological/Timeline: Julie Andrews “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun and snap! the jobs a game.” Hello I am Julie Andrews. You might know me as Mary Poppins or Queen Clarisse Renaldi. I was born in October of 1935. My first movie came out in 1949, starting my acting career. My first semi popular movie was “Cinderella,” which came out in March of 1957. At the time the movie came out I was 22. In “Cinderella” I played the main character, Cinderella. That movie was a musical. The most popular of my movies was “Mary Poppins.” “Mary Poppins” being the first movie to have had animation and real humans in a movie together, I played the main character, Mary Poppins. It came out in August of 1964. At…show more content…
When I was 62 in 1997 I had surgery for the non-cancerous nodules on my vocal cords to be removed. That surgery permanently ruined my vocal chords, ending my singing career. My beautiful soprano voice gone overnight. Sadly, my singing career came to a close, but that gave me time to focus on another passion of mine: acting! Time for my next big hit, “The Princess Diaries.” In “The Princess Diaries” I played Queen Clarisse Renaldi. The movie came out in August of 2001. Since that movie was a big hit there was also a “Princess Diaries Two” that came out in 2004. Then my career started heading into kids’ movies and books. “Enchanted” was a movie where animation and real life combined. In the movie, I was the narrator. The movie won best family movie. “Enchanted” came out on the 21st of November in 2007. Three years later, I became the tooth fairy in one of my most recent films. I played Lily. “The Tooth Fairy” hit screens on the 22nd of January in 2010 while I was 77. Within the same year “Despicable Me” came out. In “Despicable Me” I voiced the main character 's mother. Steve Carell played the main character, Gru. “Despicable Me” won a Blimp Award for Favorite Animated Movie. It was the last movie I starred in as of right now. Since then I have had many kids’ books come out, including Little Bo, Dumpy, and The Very Fairy Princess. Currently I am starring in a show on Netflix called “Julie’s Greenroom.” Well I
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