Julius Caesar Ambitions

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Caesar was a notably ambitious leader, whose accomplishments and legacy stem from his drive for power, sense of self, and natural ability as a leader. Born into a modest family, Caesar achieved unprecedented power and wealth through his ambition and drive which shaped his supremacy into one of unparalleled esteem. Caesar also employed his intelligence and wit by conducting calculated pursuits for power, and by using his oratory and military skills as a catalyst which ultimately allowed him to achieve his absolute dictatorship and adoration of the Roman people. In addition, Caesar’s vanity and arrogance gave him the confidence to achieve his various pursuits and allowed him to consider his enormously high standards as practical and necessary …show more content…

Caesar demonstrated his wit when he saw opportunity for self-promotion in giving a funeral speech for his Aunt Julia and his wife, Cornelia, in 69 BCE. In his speech, Caesar stressed his association with Marius, the leader of the Populārēs faction and his descendence from Iulus, as well as established his political ambitions and resulted in his gain of much desired publicity. (Terwilliger, Early Life of Caesar) Caesar also recognized the strength of relationships, and demonstrated this when he skillfully conducted the marriage of his daughter, Julia, to his ally Pompey as an effort to solidify their alliance. Along with this, he married Calpurnia, the daughter of an upcoming consul, in order to align himself with those in power. (Unknown, Julius Caesar: Historical Background) Caesar also continued to use relationships as a catalyst to gain leverage in his aligning of the First Triumvirate, a loose coalition between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. Though not politically legitimate, this alliance had great influence and was used by Caesar to boost his political career by his because of his association with the other, influential members, and their financial support. (Plutarch 13). Caesar’s intelligence and carefully planned actions were critical in ensuring the success of his various ambitions, and ultimately allowed him to gain the favor of the Roman people through his persona and actions, and created a dominant

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