Julius Caesar Speech Analysis

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In Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, an assassination towards Julius Caesar takes place leaving the city of Rome without a head leader. The question as to if the assassinators are guilty or not arises. Brutus takes part in being one of the assassinators of Caesar, leaving him with more power, being a Senator of Rome. During Brutus’ speech, he is trying to convince the audience that him killing Caesar did nothing but good to Rome due to Caesar being too ambitious with his plans of turning Romans into slaves. On the other hand, Marc Antony responds to Brutus’ speech at Caesar’s funeral stating that Brutus did not in fact kill Caesar for the good of Rome. Although Antony was also a senator, he took no part in the assassination and was nothing more than and observer. With Marc Antony’s use of logos, verbal irony, and repetition, he pulled through to give the more persuasive argument between his and Brutus’ speech. To make his speech more persuasive than Brutus’, Marc Antony uses a great deal of logos as supporting evidence towards his arguments. He uses logos when saying, “When.. the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff...” Marc Antony is trying to persuade his audience that Brutus calling Caesar too ambitious is false, and Caesar was no more than laid-back. This logic is effective because it helps back up this claim, and his use of it here does that by acting as supporting evidence. He is saying if Caesar would have been ambitious, he
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