Justice In Dirty Harry

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In the film “Dirty Harry” the means of find the truth and the processes involved are being questioned by detective Callahan. He is willing to use illegal or dirt means to get the bad guys. This is seen early in the film during a robbery when he plays with the life of one of the criminal with his gun. He also has no problems with breaking in without a warrant and and torturing the criminal. This is against the protection found in the US Constitution under the fourth amendment. The processes of finding a criminal needs to be reasonable and have a cause. Callahan does as he pleases and does not get the proper paperwork when chasing after the criminal. This is not helpful as the criminal is then freed because of the lack of procedure followed. He has good and noble intentions for what…show more content…
He is very independent and this can lead him into trouble. This can have an impact on the role of justice. The justice system is to be impartial and follow the rule of procedure. Callahan is more worried about the results than the procedure. This can hurt the justice system and society as he takes matters into his own hands. Callahan is also not afraid of violence and danger and is willing to put himself and his partners in danger. Conservatism is also a theme in the film and the respect and need for the past and tradition. They show that the results are the important thing and not the process. It is better to get the criminal, however that may be including illegal means then to let them be able to continue to commit crimes against society. This is another crime fiction film and the search for truth and getting the criminal off the streets. The way Callahan goes through the process will lead to problems by opening the door to others who may not be as principled as Callahan. It will then be harder to stop this progression and bring things back under the normal rule of
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