Justin's Story Child Abuse Case

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Justin’s story is very different from a normal child abuse case. Starting at a young age, Justin has definitely lived a life full of difficult obstacles to overcome Starting from birth, Justin 's mother was only 15 years old who abandoned him by giving him to her mother to care for. Even though Justin 's grandmother was concerned about his safety and wellbeing, the grandmother was obese and had several health issues and unable to take care of Justin for very long. Justin had a very painful life leading up to the events below.
Justin’s grandmother died when he was 11 months old. During the grandmother’s illness, her boyfriend, Arthur, babysat Justin. Justin’s behavior became challenging after the quick loss of his mother and grandmother. Arthur wasn 't …show more content…

The doctor moved Justin to a private room and minimized the number of staff interacting with him. The doctor also had one of his psychiatric staffers spend time with him every day. With the improvements in his life, Justin made a remarkable improvement by not throwing food and smearing feces. He started to show some social stimulation. The doctor’s colleagues thought he was wasting hospital resources by asking for help with Justin; however, with the help of the therapist Justin was sitting in a chair and standing with assistance. By three weeks, he had taken his first steps. The speech and language therapists helped Justin begin to speak. Justin’s brain soaked up all the experiences that he missed out when he was a child. After two weeks, Justin was well and placed in a foster family. This case was the most rapid recovery from severe neglect that the doctors had seen.
Even though this is the not an intentional case of child abuse, it shows how severe neglect can cause developmental delays. Even though most cases do not end with a happy ending, this case ends with a child who suffered throughout his childhood and ended up being able to do the things that most children are able to do with loving foster

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