Essay On Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults

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“He found that youths were likely to spend considerably more time in adult correctional facilities than juveniles that were sent to state juvenile facilities,” (Krisberg 176). Juvenile offenders has become an excelling issue since the beginning of the first juvenile institutions in the 19th century (Shoemaker 5). The issue then arises, should juvenile offenders be tried as children or adults. This is an important issue that can impact many children and society as a whole, therefore this issue should be taken wisely. Karen Romanoff- Miner, sides with the idea that juvenile offenders in adult courts and prisons are not doing the effects that they are meant to. Her studies show that, “Contrary to expectations, youth tried in adult court reoffend more often and with more serious offenses than their counterparts in juvenile courts,” (Miner 3). Therefore, trying juvenile offenders as adult is causing more harm than help. There 's one specific benefit of the juvenile court, …show more content…

“The most recent estimates suggest that between 200,000 and 300,000 youths under the age of 18 reach adult court each year through this mechanism alone,” (Chambliss 135). This is showing that there is a large group of kids that are being tried as adults by the adult court. Therefore, they must have some reasons. One major reason is that the safety of the society should be important than the benefits a child can receive in juvenile courts (Youthful 1). Second the rate of reoffending is lower if placed in an adult court and prison then if tried as an child . Though this maybe true there is no record showing that it lowers the rate of offending in the first place (Loughran 483). Lastly, it is shown that the adult court is tougher and harsher than the juvenile court. That being the reasoning for transferring. The intention of giving harsh sentences to juvenile offenders is in the hope that it will shorten the amount of crimes by kids (Chambliss

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