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After witnessing my father’s struggle with mental illness and the impact of its stigma on our family, I hope to pursue a psychology degree at KPU.Since mental health is often neglected in teenage years, I aspire to work as a guidance counsellor to provide mental health support to youth in need.Two years ago, my mother revealed to me that my father has schizophrenia. For quite some time, I knew that he lifted heavy loads alone, resulting in both wrist and back injuries which required surgery. My father still tried to work, but was often laid off to prevent further injury. Paranoia, withdrawal, and side effects of medication are a constant strain on the fabric of my family. Since childhood, I struggled to cope with my father’s mood swings. Often, …show more content…

Since I am turning 18 soon, I will stop receiving my Canadian Pension Plan child benefits. Under these circumstances, my mother is constantly on the search for more work. Even when she is overworked or ill, she still works just to provide for our family. As the only child, I intend to support my family by working part-time and also pay my tuition with any scholarshipsI volunteered with Mr. McKillop to express the authentic student voice to the BC School Trustees Association. After researching about school trustees, my peers and I interviewed them to learn more about their career and passion for quality education. Then, we created a poll to collect students’ feedback regarding their experiences and possible improvements for their school district. In November, I was a panelist at the BCSTA Annual Trustee Academy and discussed my journey of learning about school trustees, the importance of mental health resources, and also empowering our First Nations students through the education system. Through my experience, I overcame my fear of stage fright when I realized what a positive impact one voice can have.In Grade 9, I started guitar lessons, which helped me express myself and expand my comfort

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