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Sakura is introduced in chapter two on the bus ride to Takamatsu. While sitting at the bus stop, Sakura comes and talks to Kafka. When asked how old he was, he replied 17, while he is not truly 17 as a boy, the identity of Kafka is now 17. Moreover, Sakura has a brother that is about that age that she hasn’t seen in an extremely long time. Through this it is known that Sakura could be Kafka’s long lost sister. Nonetheless, when Sakura is sleeping next to him on the bus, Kafka looks down and visualized pinching her taut nipple. Which follows the fate that his father set forth in the motion. Throughout the novel, Sakura acts as a sister many times. For instance, in chapter 11, Sakura gives protection to Kafka when she lets him stay at her house. …show more content…

Tamura(Kafka’s father/ Johnny Walker) was struck by lightning, when Ms. Saeki was writing a documentary about lightning strike victims, she came across him and it is implied that she stays with him. As a child, Ms. Saeki had a lover named Kafka, but in order for her to still be with him she had to go beyond a world(physical) state. She gave half of her soul in order to transcend into the spirit(dream) world/realm and still mentally be with her lover. Lighting is the gateway between the spirit and real world, so when Mr. Tamura/Johnny Walker was struck by lightning, they lost part of their soul, therefore they are able to transform into each other. Since Mr. Tamura and Ms. Saeki both were missing half of their souls, she was able to pass the soul of her lover to her child. Although she had a daughter, she had to have a son so that her lover could live again, but since she had a daughter also some of her soul was passed down to her daughter. When she felt that the spirit of her lover had been passed to Kafka, she had no use for Mr. Tamura anymore. Therefore, he found out her intentions and realized that she wasn’t gonna stay with him, he kicked her out and she took “Sakura” with her. As a result, in Sakura having some of Ms. Saeki’s soul and Kafka has some of her lover's soul, the two would soon meet and love each other as their predecessors have done. Which proves Kafka’s father’s faith implications once more. Nonetheless, one cannot forget the fact the Kafka and Ms. …show more content…

Tengu is known for its knowledge and common sense. On accident hill when Nakata’s teacher hit and slapped him several times, to the point that it put him in the hospital, his Tengu(the boy named crow) left him. Therefore, when “Kafka” was born the boy named crow came and stayed with him. The name Kafka is a Czechoslovakian baby name. In Czechoslovakian the meaning of the name Kafka is: Bird or Crow. When Nakata awoke from his coma, he was illiterate and quite frankly, dumb, with the boy named Crow gone Nakata could never gain his intelligence back or learn how to read again. Since Crow is staying with Kafka and Nakata is always subconsciously trying find the other half of his soul, he feels a sort of tug toward Kafka. Now, one can not have three halves it means that one half is missing. But, if it is considered that Kafka and Nakata are really the same person. The same way that Johnnie walker and Mr. Tamurea are the same person is the way that Kafka and Nakata share the same soul. When Kafka wakes up with blood all over him, he doesn’t recall what had happened and it is learned that his dad had been murdered, but in the chapter before that Nakata killed Johnnie Walker. Therefore, if both Johnnie Walker and Mr. Tamurea were dead and Kafka woke up with someone else's blood all over him. It is safe to presume

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