Keeper Of The Lost Cities Mission Analysis

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With the goal of escaping Afghanistan in mind, Farah Ahmedi undertook the mission of entering Pakistan to gain a more favorable life. In Keeper of the Lost Cities, Calla's mission was to save all of the gnomes by stopping the plague. The mission that Buck undertook in Call of the Wild, was pulling a 1000 pound sled 100 yards, and his motivation was the love of his owner. However, all three completed their mission, and in the process helped others and themselves from the love and power of family.

Farah Ahmedi and her mother were having a tough life. Previously, Farah had lost her leg, and they were desperate to get past the border to Pakistan and escape Afghanistan. The problem was they didn’t have the money. For instance, “The fact that the guards were taking bribes did us no good whatsoever. We did not have the money to pay them” (Ahmedi 6). This shows that if Farah and her mother had the money they could have escaped. However, they met a family who had a father, Ghulam Ali, and he found a “smugglers’ path to safety” (Ahmed 9). Out of kindness, their family took Farah and her mother on the journey along the path to be free. This was the mission they
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The mission she was taking upon herself was to cure the plague that was depleting the gnome race. The author points the attention towards, “I will be the cure” (Messenger 631). This is showing how Calla was not going to change her mind about being the cure. On the other hand, the downside of Calla being the hero for the gnomes was sacrifice. When making her decision she wasn’t thinking of herself at all. For example, “How many get to choose their last breath, and make it for the good of everyone” (Messenger 635)? This proves that Calla didn’t care about what she was becoming, she just truly cared about saving the gnomes. This is an example how many people care so much about others, that they take on intricate
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