Kilbourne's Views On Advertisements

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With the way the world is nowadays, there are numerous factors that contribute to the way a person views themselves. Those factors are social media, advertisements, television, and society. Each of them are very different, but all can affect one’s self- image. One of Sherry Turkle’s main points in her writing was that social media can cause someone to stress. Jean Kilbourne states that advertisements can tell someone how to view themselves and Bell Hooks explains how television and society affect one’s view on their economic status. Social Media, advertisements, and television cannot be taken too seriously because they are meant for entertainment. As for society, someone should not be judged due to their economic status because it can cause…show more content…
Kilbourne claims that Victoria’s Secret advertisements are sexual and promise young women that if they wear their lingerie, it will make them irresistible. Kilbourne is saying that Victoria’s Secret is promising these young women that they will be desirable if they wear their lingerie. It is greatly common to see many young women at Victoria’s Secret in the lingerie section. Some of these young girls are getting the wrong impression when buying the lingerie and now believe they have become more desirable. An additional claim that Kilbourne makes is that advertisements with hostile and indifferent men are encouraging young boys to become these type of men. What Kilbourne is saying is that these violent advertisements with these men are encouraging young boys to become this kind of…show more content…
Hooks claims that television brings on a message that no one can feel good about themselves if they are poor, but sometimes covered up with humor. “In television sitcoms the working poor are shown to have a healthy measure of self- contempt; they dish it out to one another with a wit and humor that we all can enjoy, irrespective of our class.” (Hooks 485) This quote is saying that television shows sometimes give the impression that if you are poor than you cannot be happy and can be covered up with humor, but can sometimes cause some people to believe and feel this way. Hooks claims that society is another factor to how one views their economic status. Poor people are portrayed as lazy, dishonest, and willing to commit any crime in order to move up in the material world. Hooks is saying that by poor people being portrayed this way is causing some to see themselves as

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