Kritios Boy Essay

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The Greek period, ca. 900-30 BCE, this time period is the best known of develop ideals of human beauty. Therefore, I will use Kouros, Kritios Boy, and Spear Bearer to explain all the ideal heroic male nudes and what do they depict. However, the most important thing I am going to tell you is why the Kouros is symbolic and how the other two is naturalistic.
This first work I use is Kouros, Greece by an unknown artist. Kouros this word in Greek is mean that young man, therefore this work is a young man; also can said that this is the ideal how god looks like in Greek. In this work, there is five attributes, the first one is very big eyes and wide. The second one is his arms is on the side of the legs. The third one is this work have a Archaic smile. The fourth one is the figure standing position is not free. The five one is this work is very like have power. This work is symbolic is because the smile and how the structure look show that this is symbolic. The expression on the face, how the work stand, and the movement the structure want to do are very symbolic. …show more content…

In this work there are four attributes, the first one is easy post, the second one is Archaic smile, the third is the body is not angler, the last one is one shoulder is drop down. This work have a very different style from the Kouros, one of the different is the body shape. Kouros’s body shape is angler; Kritios Boy is much more round. The other different is the pose, Kouros’s pose is standing upright, and on the other hand Kritios Boy is very relaxed pose. Contrapposto is the asymmetry of this kind of pose. This work is naturalistic because the face, pose, and the shape of the work are human like, also when people usually do those when they are waiting for

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