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Yolngu Boy is a film directed by Stephen Johnson, which explores the friendship between three adolescent Aboriginal men and the way each relates to the ancient cultural tradition. Friendship incorporates you having both duties and advantages, which are two vital factors of life with others. This is clearly shown in Stephen Johnson's Yolngu Boy between a companionship of three male aboriginals taking after their fantasy, which are named Milika, Lorrpu and Botj. Every one of the three of the companions have obligations and have benefited a couple times, yet did they all take after their duties equitably? The three friends Milika, Lorrpu and Botj all have completely extraordinary dreams and states of mind. For instance, Lorrpu does not simply have a solid bond with his companions, yet with his way of life and religion as well. Milika, …show more content…

However, it doesn't imply that one of your mates won't be off the track and will soon lead you to unpleasant things and danger. For example, Milika and Lorrpu got peer pressured by Botj to break into the store. Despite the fact that Milika and Lorrpu don't profit by Botj, Botj benefits by them in a way that is exceptional for somebody who drives his mates into unpleasant things and getting them into trouble. He benefited by them as the two friends took great care of him while they were going through the deep dark forests of the north towards Darwin. Other than that, Milika and Lorrpu also benefited from each other since they both followed their duties. Stephen Johnson's Yolngu Boy demonstrates that there are both obligations and benefits involved in being a part of a friendship between three friends known as Milika, Lorrpu and Botj. Every one of them three have distinctive dreams, however, Botj was the one that was the diverse one that still thought about his companions. Every one of them three benefited from each other in various ways, yet Botj was still the odd one

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