Ku Klux Klan Vs BPP

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What we can see in today’s society is an apparent tolerance shown towards the KKK whereas the new BPP is met with blatant intolerance. The underlying reason behind this is that there continues to be a significant lack of understanding in society regarding both these groups (Alexander 45). This lack of understanding stems from socially inherited biases which prevent us from viewing society beyond our own cultural identities and myopic perceptions. Despite the new BPP being a blatantly more hateful and racist group than the original BPP, the legacy that it has inherited is much more different than the one inherited by the Third Ku Klux Klan. The KKK continues, and will continue, to be perceived as a hateful group with a well-documented history of murder, lynching and domestic terrorism (Weinberg 34). …show more content…

The Panthers continue to be social engineers who utilized words rather than weapons, whereas the KKK continue to inherit a legacy of violence and weapons. The new BPP is not driven by a love for mankind, irrespective of their background, like the original BPP, but of hatred and violence. Essentially, the third Ku Klux Klan continues to be viewed as a party that wanted to stifle an entire nation, whereas the new BPP is still viewed by many as advancing a nation, even though its outlook is much more

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