LCTA Typed Essay: Experiences That Shaped My Life

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LCTA Typed Essay Though there have been many experiences that have shaped my life, the one that stands out in my mind is when my grandmother had a stroke. I was with my grandmother when the stroke hit and this experience has profoundly changed my view of life and the world and has taught me many valuable lessons. One way this has affected my development is that I now have an extreme appreciation and respect of medical professionals, everyone from surgeons to nurses to emergency medical technicians. Without their help and collective effort, my grandmother would not be here today. This dedication and persistence to ensuring excellent medical care has inspired me to go into nursing, so that I may give back like these medical professionals gave …show more content…

My grandmother has always made a point to show how hard work and a good education could propel me to new opportunities and help get me a better life than she had. This instilled work ethic and positivity inspires me to give all that I can every day and to look at situations in a positive and constructive light. Input from my grandparents and parents has shaped my worldview and actions. While my family lives comfortably now, my parents did not have such a lucky life. At a young age, my mom and dad worked to help support their families and to pay or college. Because they came from humble beginnings, my parents taught me and brother to respect but not worship money, to be generous to those who are not as fortunate, and to work hard and earnestly for the things that we want. My high school education has positively affected my career and life choices. During these four years, I have had, in my opinion, some of the best teachers in the entire Lamar Consolidated district. My teachers have pushed me to achieve my dreams with high expectations and interesting and useful lessons and without their presence in my life, I would not have achieved all that I have now. My grandmother’s stroke was the catalyst and along with these four years and especially my science and math courses have lead me into a career in medicine and

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