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Have you ever seen a child with no soul? Due to the kitchen explosion in my home on November 9, 1996, I was forced to grow up in the burn care wing of St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital where I was surrounded by children unrecognizable to their own parents due to the severity of their injuries. I was practically raised in an atmosphere of peers where children and teenagers had already given up any happiness, motivation, or drive to move forward left in them before even reaching puberty. However, stuck in this eternal battle of shame and hate towards myself, the love and dedication provided by my nursing staff was what helped me in accepting myself and my burns and move forward in life confident in myself and my ability to become a happy and successful young woman. Also, thanks to the medical staff of St. Christopher’s I was blessed with many opportunities to travel across America and attend medical conferences and burn camp volunteer camps where I heard other victims, nurses, surgeons, are fireman’s stories about their connection to the cause, how their experiences have impacted them, and how they were able to transform their experience into a positive opportunity to give back and help others. …show more content…

Through becoming a nurse I aspire to take my education in medicine and delegate my efforts to not only improving the medical status of my patients but also to improve the mental well being of them as well. My experience growing into a world where prime physical health was not an option, the opportunity to see how a staff of passionate nurses can contribute to the mental stability and growth of a patient was an honor and inspiration that drives my passion for this career choice. Also, over the last few years I have grown a particular interest in medical research and would love to take his passion with me to expand my interest and contribute to the extensive research program at

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