LEPAO Product Analysis

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LEPAO system is design to offer maximum creativity for children to enhance and develop their creativity during play time. No component of LEPAO ids designed for single purpose only. Every child has its own capability, talent, principles and ability.

LEPAO helps the children to develop their creativeness, imaginations and potentials. Through this kids educational toys, children can able to imagine what they are going to do in each piece of building blocks, and suddenly create with their own ideas.

For more than 20 years in the kindergartens, each piece of building blocks are made with the highest quality, environmental friendly plastics for the safety of the kids who are going to use and each LEPAO set allows creation of an array of magnificent
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Their products are part of collective system, all future products are guaranteed to compatible to current products and assure that LEPAO products will always appreciate in value.

LEPAO holds extensive global accreditations, recognitions and agreements allowing them to provide certification for virtually every market in the world. And also LEPAO offer unique certification programs to achieve a more eco-friendly environment and assure products and facilities are meeting from restricted or toxic substances regulation for the safety of the customers.

Product Description

LEPAO P880 Princess Series Lepao offers these building blocks for kids. Let them show their creativity and express their ideas with these lepao princess series. Enjoy quality time with your kids while playing kids building blocks and let them build their own model. These building blocks are made with high quality eco-friendly plastics materials that are safe for children. In this princess series set, you can make cellular phone, mill, swing and may more. Avail one of the educational toys and let your children learn while playing.

• A total of 282 pieces
• Approximately 500 models can built
• Made of ABS plastic
• Can construct different magnificent
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Lepao offers safe building blocks for kids and all ages. These toys for toddlers and each piece of it are made with high quality plastic material for the benefits of the consumers. Through these building blocks, we can help to develop a child’s hand and eye coordination as a first step in developing skills. Little by little when the child is aware on what he/she doing, she can able to figure out the uses of each piece. Let your baby’s enjoy playing with you and off course they gain knowledge. Every step of the way, you will able to see their ability and potentials do be improve and develop. It also trains the children on hand and eye coordination and helps hand muscles development. And inspire children’s logical thinking and spatial concepts. Can built toys of babies such as figure of a person, flower and a rotating wheel. Avail one now and enjoy your moments together with your

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