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Rube Goldberg once said, “I wonder how anybody can think his personality changes with his success. I’ve had quite a bit of success but I feel that I am just the same person as I always was”. Rube Goldberg was such a successful man, many people have tried to recreate his inventions, using his same protocol. Like many other people who have tried to build a device like his, the goal of my project is to build a contraption that completes a simple task in a complicated manner. Rube Goldberg was a phenomenal man who created complicated inventions, which required many steps, and used different types of simple machinery. Rube Goldberg was an extraordinary man with an immense imagination. He was born in 1883, in San Francisco, California and …show more content…

One of his most famous cartoons is the Self-Operating Napkin. This device was designed to swing a napkin back and forth in order to wipe off your chin. Rube Goldberg used many materials in order to complete this final task. Some of which include, a spoon, string, a ladle, a cracker, parrot seeds, a perch, a pail, and a cord. He also used an automatic cigarette lighter, a sky rocket, a sickle, a pendulum, and a napkin. This invention took a total of fourteen, very complex steps. First, the person will have to raise a spoon to their mouth, which will pull a string and jerk a ladle. That will then throw a cracker past the parrot, so the parrot jumps after the cracker and its perch, which will tilt a things of seeds. The seeds will fall into a pail, so the extra weight in the pail will pull a cord. Next, the cord that was just pulled will open and light an automatic cigarette, which sets off a sky rocket. The skyrocket causes a sickle to cut a string, creating a pendulum with an attached napkin to swing back and forth, wiping off your chin. Rube Goldberg also created The Device To Keep You From Forgetting To Mail Your Wife’s Letter, and The Local Government Efficiency Machine. Both of which also take fourteen steps to complete the

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