Lab Report: Single Displacement Reactions

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Based off the observations created in this lab, the following conclusions have been made in terms of single displacement reactions. Whether or not these types of reactions proceed can be predetermined by using the activity series. If the lone metal in the left side of the equation is above the second metal in the reactant compound then a reaction will take place. However, if it is not then the reaction will not occur. As shown by the metals zinc and magnesium, if they are closer on the series the reaction will be slow verses if they are farther apart. In each single displacement reaction that proceeds, there will always be a precipitate or a gas formed due to the cation or anion replaced in the reactant compound. Since the equations starts off with at least one single element and a compound, something will always be left over in the product. …show more content…

They occur when two ionic compounds are used as reactants and the anions and cations switch places between the two. This type of reaction will proceed provided that the reactions do not have the same cation or anion as explained in discussion question #3. Also, the products of the reactants must have at least one solid to indicate a precipitate is made. If all products are aqueous then the reaction did not take place as shown by the fourth reaction presented in discussion question #5. In the fourth reaction, please note that the original reactants were zinc sulphate and phosphorus nitrate. Phosphorus nitrate does not appear on the least of given reactants nor is it a true substance. It was likely a communication error and for this reason, sodium iodide was used in its

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