Lack Of Responsibility In Nick Carroway's

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“Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone… just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you had.” -Nick Carroway “People who have been given advantages due to [social] class, education, and/or wealth have more of an obligation to serve others.” - Nick Carroway’s father. The two quotes above state that some people don’t have the luxuries that others have. Unfortunately, those who have the luxuries don’t always put them to good use. I take the same side as Nick Carroway’s father. Those who have been given certain advantages should have more of an obligation to serve their societies. If someone has the resources, will, and/or knowledge to help fellow citizens, then they should put some effort into helping others. …show more content…

A small gesture of philanthropy can help raise people's reputation. But if they just help people for the sheer will of being a good summeritain, then let them. If they don't do anything to help their insignificant others, then they should be scolded for not caring for others or their society. If someone has a higher education, then they can put it to use. This is an unstable part to the supporting side of the quote. If someone does have a higher education than another, then it's not their fault. The person with the lesser education level is to blame. It was their choice to continue with their education or

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