Breast Milk Research Paper

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Lactation or breastfeeding is the most important and preferred way to ensure complete nutrition for infants. It also aids mothers’ well being. However, most women lactate well, there are cases where women find themselves unable to lactate or there is insufficient breast milk that recedes as the initial phase passes. Nursing women may find it worrisome if they are not producing breast milk enough to support their baby’s daily feeding requirements.

Low lactation levels can be due to excess interfering medication, certain illnesses, intake, stress, hormone imbalance or, inability to feed properly. However, it is best to address the issue in time to avoid malnutrition in newborns as it breast milk is beneficial for their immune system as well
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Drumsticks: A very common ingredient of various South Indian dishes, drumsticks are full of nutrients and help to boost the supply of breast milk in women. It helps the veins of the breast to open up and stimulates the mammary glands, thus leading to increased milk supply. The best way to include them in your diet is to have drumsticks soup and juice.

4. Holy Basil: This traditional herb has been used to boost milk supply in women since times immemorial. Loaded with niacin, iron, thiamine and carotene, it helps to protect the mother and her baby from various diseases and infections. Just prepare a tulsi tea and drink it twice daily after childbirth.

5. Drink lots of liquids: Your body is losing all the dirty blood and you need to breastfeed your baby so you need to stay hydrated. Drink lots of liquids including water, coconut water, milk, lemonade and buttermilk since these will quench your thirst and help the breasts to produce adequate quantity of milk.

6. Stay nourished: Eat a diet high on calcium and proteins. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, lentils, spinach and beet leaves, carrots, apricots and asparagus so increase the quantity and quality of your milk.

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